Mwawembe CBCC Inspiring Early Childhood Development: Community Unites for Children’s Brighter Future.

In the rural village of Mwawembe, Karonga district children are fully being taken care of. Lusubilo Community Care in implementing the IOVCY project is supporting the strengthening of Early Childhood Education (ECD) through Community Based Childcare Centers (CBCC). Early Childhood Education is important as it promotes children’s holistic development and enhances their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, moral and spiritual well-being. ECD provides early childhood education, psychosocial care, nutrition, basic health, WASH, and protection services for children aged three to five years. Mwawembe CBCC being so exemplary in the area organized a learning visit fair for other CBCCs to acquire knowledge, skills and competence in operating a CBCC. The learning visit took place on Tuesday, 17th October, 2023 where different stakeholders graced the occasion to appreciate the works of Mwawembe CBCC.

The Mwawembe Community came together to renovate their Community Based Childcare Center, showcasing their unfaltering commitment to the welfare of their children. With paintbrushes in hand and determination in their hearts, the community members transformed the CBCC into a vibrant and welcoming space.

Field Mwanganya a Field Officer for Lusubilo Community Care was not only impressed but deeply moved by the community’s effort and commitment, praised the collective spirit of Mwawembe residents. He said this should be the start of doing great things for them to improve and increase education level in their community.

“I am so pleased with what Mwawembe has done, not all CBCCs can manage to do this. Thank you for understanding what CBCC is, therefore I encourage you to work hard and God should guide you so that next time you should do more than this. Great things do not come to a lazy person, if you choose to be lazy then nothing good will work for you”, Mwanganya said.

He encouraged all other village heads to learn from what Mwawembe village has done so that they also improve their CBCCs and have the whole Katumbi area improved in terms of education.

Lusubilo Field Officer for the area, Field Mwanganya, addressing the audience

Senior Group Village Headwoman Katumbi expressed her gratitude and appreciation to Lusubilo for their unwavering support to the community. She said “the bond forged through this event not only highlighted the significance of collaboration between neighboring communities but also demonstrates the power of kindness and the spirit of giving”.

As part of the activities on the day, the CBCC showcased their day-to-day activities to the dignitaries present. They showed what they actually do in their core areas that include the reading area, manipulative play area, music area, animal area, nature area and outdoor games. These teaching areas have items such as shapes, numbers, alphabet, colors, puzzles, local xylophone, drum, animals (dogs, elephants, lion, rabbits, and fish among others), stones, soil, sea saw and a sand pit. These items help children know how to read and write, explore things and their environment, enhance hearing and voice, entertainment and enhance good body growth.

A question-and-answer session that was part of the event gave more light as to how the community reached that far. Individuals asked questions which mostly pointed to know how and where the community leant such an initiative so that other CBCCs can also emulate and do the same in their areas. In answering on this, GVH Mwawembe recounted how he learnt the importance and management of CBCCs from another learning visit he went to. On sustaining the CBCC, the Group Village Head said that as a community they make contributions (milaza) and they have a rice farm. Proceeds from these income generating activities help them run the CBCC and pay the care givers.

GVH Mwawembe addressing the audience

There were also performances that spiced up the event. Kingdom Gospel Choir graced the occasion with songs that entertained the audience. So inspiring was a drama performance from the children who graduated from Mwawembe CBCC and are currently in different classes at Kafulu Primary School. The drama enlightened on the importance of a CBCC, and community coordination on improving the welfare of children.

Children who graduated from Mwawembe CBCC performing during the learning visit

Apart from the many community members that attended the learning visit, the event had 17 village headmen, 5 group village headmen, a senior group village headwoman, a principal group village headman, 3 Community Based Organisation chairpersons, 3 coordinators, 4 Village Development Commitee chairpersons and 14 students accompanied by 2 lectures from Miracle Technical Institute.

The Mwawembe community’s effort have not only brightened up the CBCC but have also illuminated a path towards a brighter future for their children. This heartening display of community spirit is a reminder that when people join forces, they can achieve remarkable things.

By Communication Office.

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