Lusubilo IOVCY Project Transforms People’s Lives in Kameme

The partnership among Lusubilo Community Care, CRS, and the Coppel Family in implementing the IOVCY project has helped to cultivate the positive mindset change among households in a way that they are able to engage in activities that promote human dignity. The monitoring and follow-up activity conducted on 17 August 2023 by Mr. Wisdom Kayange, the IOVCY Project Field Officer and Households mentors unearthed these remarkable achievements.

One of the households visited was for Mr Friday Mtawa, who at first did not have a decent house but with the project interventions and trainings, he managed to engage in local chicken marketing, joined SILC group and later diversified into sugar beans selling. With the profits realized from these activities, the household has managed to have a decent house.

Mr Friday Mtawa’s House Before

Mr Friday Mtawa’s House After

Another positive tale emerged from the experience of Pelyod Chanya, he states that “ mwee walangizi, kuwevyenge kutisambizga na kutiyendera nthena business nili kuleka, apa ningalekapo yayi kupanga business” (currently I would have stopped doing business if I never got the trainings and if you never kept monitoring me).

Through his pork and goat butchery enterprise, he has managed to sustain his family and even purchase bags of fertilizer in preparation for the next growing season. His story is a statement to the projects profound impact on empowering families to create sustainable livelihoods.

Mr. Pelyod Chanya at his pork kiosk in Kameme

The IOVCY project is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with the right support and opportunities, individuals and households can break free from the cycle of struggle and embrace a brighter future. The effort of Lusubilo, CRS, the Coppel Family and the dedicated individuals behind the project is a statement to the power of collective action in fostering positive change within communities.

Reported by Lusubilo Communications Office

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