Lusubilo Community Care and District Social Welfare Offices Join Forces to Safeguard Children in Karonga and Chitipa

In a remarkable effort to protect the rights and welfare of children, Lusubilo Community Care in collaboration with the District Social Welfare Offices has from the 27th of September to 3rd October, 2023 established 16 Area Child Protection Committees, with 6 in Karonga and 10 in Chitipa districts. These committees have been created so that they fill the gap which has been there in terms of dealing with Child Protection Issues in the communities. This activity was done through the Reintegration Project which intensifies awareness creation on childcare and protection targeting children, families, community structures and local authorities. The awareness aims at empowering communities to take up the responsibility of safeguarding the rights and welfare of children.

The key role of these newly formed Area Child Protection Committees is to act as vigilant guardians of children’s well-being. Their responsibilities include raising awareness about childcare and protection, preventing child marriages, and addressing child labor issues. The creation of these committees has filled a crucial gap in addressing Child Protection issues at the community level, complementing existing committees at the Group Village Head, District, and National levels. These committees comprise a diverse range of Child Protection stakeholders, including civil servants, Non-Governmental Organization representatives, and community leaders. The establishment involved elections of leaders of the committees and provision of clarification on the roles of the committees.

TA Wavikaza giving out his speech appreciating Lusubilo’s support for the establishment of the committees

TA Wavikaza of Therere area in Chitipa, lamented that Child protection issues are very high in his community most especially Child marriages and Child labor. He emphasized the need for coordinated efforts within the committee to create a safe environment for families and to tackle these issues head-on.

The District Social Welfare Officers for Karonga and Chitipa expressed their gratitude for the partnership with Lusubilo Community Care. They acknowledged the significant impact this collaboration has had on Child Protection in their districts. With the newly established Area Child Protection Committees, they are confident that children in these communities will be shielded from all forms of harm.

The District Social Welfare Officer facilitating the election of the committee leaders

This collaborative initiative demonstrates the power of community engagement and cooperation in safeguarding the future of our children. As these committees work tirelessly to protect children’s rights, they serve as an inspiration of hope for the entire region. Together, they are forging a path towards a brighter and safer future for the children of Karonga and Chitipa.

By Communication Office.

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