Chitipa Restoration Project Ignites a Love for Reading among youth in Karonga and Chitipa

As part of implementing the youth intervention in the IOVCY project, Lusubilo Community Care has received a donation of books from the Chitipa Restoration Project. These books will be used in the pilot youth centers in Chitipa and Karonga districts. An approximate of 160 cartons containing 50 books each were offloaded at the warehouse of Lusubilo in Karonga. These books are in areas of science, leisure and education.

Mr. Kambalame giving instructions at the beginning of offloading the books which his organization has donated to Lusubilo

Speaking with Team leader for Chitipa Restoration Project, Fidelis Kambalame, said these books will help the youth of Chitipa and Karonga in sharpening their reading knowledge. Mr. Kambalame further said that:

“we are living in a society where the reading culture is not being promoted, so what we want is to make sure that the young people of our society should have that spirit to read because all the information is found in books”

Chitipa Restoration Project has sourced these books from their United States of America partner, Build Books for Africa. Their other supporting partner The Mission Church facilitated the transportation of the books from USA to Malawi.

Apart from the library, the youth centers will have internet, newspapers, indoor and outdoor games available for the youth.

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