Celebrating Success: 19 Graduates Receive Tailoring Certificates at Lusubilo Community Care.

In a proud moment for our community, 19 dedicated students have successfully completed a 6-month tailoring course at Lusubilo Community Care and were awarded their well-deserved certificates on 6th November 2023. Lusubilo Community Care known for its commitment to uplifting the lives of individuals in the community, offered this course to empower these students with the valuable skills of tailoring. Throughout the course, they received comprehensive training, learning to create exquisite garments and tailor-made designs.

During the ceremony, each graduate received their certificate, a symbol of their completion, hard work and dedication. Friends and family gathered to show their support, filling the air with applause and cheers. The graduates expressed their gratitude to Lusubilo Community Care for the opportunity to learn this valuable trade. Representative of the graduates, Christina Williams, said that “this course has transformed our lives, we are now equipped with skills that will help us provide for our families and build a better future. Although challenges were there but we have greatly achieved many things during the 6 months training here at Lusubilo”.

Human Resource and Administration Manager, Norman Kumwenda, giving a certificate to one of the graduates

The instructor for the course, Odina Mwangulukulu, urged her students to continue practicing their craft diligently. She emphasized that with dedication and perseverance, they could achieve greater heights in the world of tailoring. She revealed that the impact of Lusubilo Community Cares’ tailoring program extended far beyond the classroom. “Through this same course, 10 people have managed to secure jobs in South Africa with the Lusubilo tailoring certificate, some are in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and 20 others have managed to open their own tailoring shops”, Mwangulukulu proudly said.     

Instructor Odina Mwangulukulu with her graduating students

Speaking on the graduation day, the Human Resource and Administration Manager for Lusubilo Norman Kumwenda keenly emphasized the importance of these newfound skills. In his speech, he encouraged the graduates to use the skills that they have gained for the betterment of their lives as well as for the whole community. Kumwenda said “as we go in our community, we should not put our certificates in bags, and we should not wait to be employed but with the skills gained let’s use them properly so that we improve our lives for the better”.

He then urged parents to buy sewing machines and other tailoring equipment for the graduands so that they should be doing their work and be able to make money on their own.

By Communication Office.

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