Community Complementary Feeding And Learning Sessions (CCFLS) and Village Nutrition Center (VNC) Activities

One of the major causes of malnutrition among under 5 children is lack of knowledge on recommended infant and young child feeding practices as well as poor utilisation of the locally available food resources. Community Complementary Feeding and Learning Sessions (CCFLS) is a sustainable and preventive means that has significantly addressed this problem in the communities where it is implemented. CCFLS is a strategic approach that promotes the use of locally produced high nutrient value crops through proper processing, preparation and preservation techniques for optimal complementary feeding targeting children less than two years of age and balanced nutritious diet for PLW in preventing moderate acute malnutrition and reducing Stunting. CCFLS are 12-day long complementary feeding sessions designed to prevent malnutrition in under-five children, pregnant and lactating women by providing nutritious complementary foods using locally available ingredients.