Provision Of Food Rations To Vulnerable Households  

Orphan-headed and other vulnerable households are prone to food insecurity as a result of reduced ability to produce or otherwise access food. Each year, the project targets 400 households headed by or caring for orphans. Support will include the provision of a monthly food basket for 7 months of the year, from October to April. A food ration/basket consists of 50kg of corn, 5kg beans, 2 liters of vegetable oil per month. The food ration/basket provides 1,330 kcal per person per day for a household with 5.5 members (the average household size in Malawi).The care of orphans within their communities of origin complies with Malawi Government orphan care guidelines. Project staff verify orphan-headed households according to the following selection criteria:

(a) Orphan-headed households who have lost both parents (double orphans);

(b) Children whose fathers died and mothers remarried, leaving them destitute;

(c) Orphaned children living with their chronically incapacitated (illness, imprisonment, subsistence below poverty level, etc.) parents or grandparents.