Children’s Village (Institutional Care)

Lusubilo has been operating the Children’s Village since 1998. It is a temporary home/shelter for abandoned children and orphans with no proper guardian from the community where the child is coming from. The home provides alternative care and protection to orphans that do not have a home. Registration of children is based on the OVC criteria i.e. orphaned babies or babies with no able guardians in accordance with Malawi Government guidelines. Currently the village is hosting 94 OVCs (M= 41, F= 53. These children are supported with life basic needs such as the health package which includes nutritious foods, clothes, beddings and groceries) and school materials. The holistic support to the children in the institutional care improves health growth and development in all dimensions. Some of the children in secondary and primary schools have been supported with school materials to support then in their academics endeavors within their respective schools.

In addition to the children residing at the Children’s Village, Lusubilo also supports OVCs residing within the community where OVCs in the communities are assisted with packages depending on their needs including clothing, bedding, groceries, school materials and other household utensils.