The Lusubilo Story

Lusubilo Community Orphan Care is a community-based organization located in Karonga district of northern Malawi. Lusubilo, which means “HOPE” in the local language, was founded by Sr Beatrice Chipeta, a Rosarian sister of the Mzuzu Diocese in 1997.

Sr Chipeta was approached by the village headmen after the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children was beginning to throw children onto the streets and into the hands of a dangerous world of poverty, starvation and crime. Starting off small, Lusubilo has grown from caring for 800 children to an impressive 10,000 at last count with that number still growing. Of this number, the children’s village here in Karonga district houses and feeds approximately 70. These children like many others, are left without financially capable families or carers and fall under the care of the orphanage. The remaining children are situated at homes, living with extended families with many surviving merely from the support provided from the various programs offered by the orphanage.

Although Lusubilo distributes rations of nutritious food to many struggling families, the orphanage firmly believes that in order to make a lasting impact on the OVC problem of Malawi, community ownership is the first stepping stone on the pathway to success.

Lusubilo is not a simplistic orphanage. There is a huge range of specialised areas within the organisation to address specific challenges being faced by these young people. It provides school fees for many underprivileged youngsters, and also has a variety of training colleges for youths set up all over the district – further extending their helping hand. It also has built 74 child care centres, 13 nutritional centres, a music centre, a health clinic, not to mention the huge number of farming inputs which it has provided the necessary goods to build farms. These farms go on to ensure a sustainable community based option for preventing food insecurity which is locally run by those in need of the nutritious food provided.

Lusubilo employs trained Malawians who share the same passion and motivation for developing their home country of Malawi. Most of the projects that are run by the orphanage are directly connected to the community, and therefore encourage local volunteers to facilitate the efficient running of the programs once they are off the ground.

However the Lusubilo orphan care project still relies very heavily on the developed world for funding projects. For it to sustain and expand the work that it is doing, your support is desperately needed.